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Sensory Marketing

We transform sensory marketing with innovative approaches in immersive audio. We divide our services into three categories of unique production formats, providing unique experiences, whether in realistic three-dimensional environments, engaging narratives, or fantasy worlds.


Standard Immersive Production

In Standard Immersive Production, our goal is to create a three-dimensional environment rich in realistic details, offering a unique audio experience. We collaborate with specialized voice actors to bring characters to life, enabling engaging interactions with the listener. We carefully move all elements around the listener, ensuring complete immersion in the narrative. Every aspect is meticulously crafted, prioritizing the authenticity of the environment and providing an auditory experience that transcends the boundaries of reality.


Immersive Production Axis in Motion

In Immersive Production with Listener Movement, we go beyond the simple reality of the scene by incorporating the dynamics of user movement between multiple three-dimensional virtual scenarios. Integrating all elements of Standard Immersive Production, this format expands possibilities, guiding the user through a fluid and engaging journey between meticulously crafted environments. Each scenario is created with attention to detail, ensuring smooth transitions and a personalized auditory experience that extends beyond the scene, encompassing multiple three-dimensional universes.


Immersive Production Free

In Unreal Immersive Production, we emphasize the elements of immersive audio that engage the listener with movements around them, without constructing a specific reality in the environment. Here, we focus on the dynamics of elements in motion around the listener, providing a unique auditory experience without the need to create a concrete environment.


Conversion to Immersive Audio

At the forefront of innovation, Binaulab Audio 3D proudly presents its patented automatic conversion technology. This unique approach, developed and refined in-house, enables us to automatically transform stereo sound recordings into immersive 3D audio experiences. With a pending patent validating our leadership in the field, we are committed to providing our clients with exclusive technology that takes their sound productions to new heights of engagement and quality.

Three-Dimensional (3D) Music

We transform stereo recordings into immersive experiences, adding dynamic movement to the voice and elevating music to new auditory dimensions.

3D Audiobooks

This innovative process involves transforming conventional audiobooks into immersive auditory experiences. With advanced techniques of voice movement and sound elements, each word is skillfully adapted to create a narrative that transcends the boundaries of traditional auditory experience. The result is an audiobook that immerses the listener in a three-dimensional environment, where the story unfolds in a unique and engaging way, offering a truly extraordinary auditory experience.

3D Radio and TV Spots

Our expertise extends to the realm of sonic marketing, where we transform conventional radio and TV spots into impactful sensory experiences. Through automatic conversion, we add dynamic voice movement and sound elements, elevating traditional ads to new levels of immersion. Each message is carefully adapted to create an engaging narrative in a three-dimensional space, ensuring that the audience experiences the brand in a memorable and distinctive way.

What immersive audio format do you need?

At Binaulab Audio 3D, we offer the versatility to deliver immersive audio across a wide range of scenarios, from a simple pair of headphones to large-scale immersive systems found in major cinemas, concert halls, or home theaters. We tailor our productions to provide an exceptional auditory experience, regardless of the environment, ensuring that each sound detail is optimized to meet the specific playback characteristics. No matter the size of the space, our commitment is to deliver immersive sound quality that surpasses expectations.

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Binaural Audio

8D Audio

Surround 5.1

Immersive Audio

Audio 360

Wave Field Synthesis (WFS)

Dolby Atmos


HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Function)

Spatial Audio

3D Audio

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