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At the forefront of the sound revolution, Binaulab Audio 3D is led by visionary Pablo Coitino, an innovative and multifaceted professional in the audio and music realm. Founded on the relentless pursuit of excellence and originality, Binaulab transcends the boundaries of the conventional, providing immersive auditory experiences that redefine the way we perceive sound.

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Binaulab Audio 3D

The Essence of Binaulab:

Our essence lies in the fusion of technical skills, creativity, and a passion for audio. Beyond technique, we have a collective of talented voice actors capable of bringing sound narratives to life in a unique way. Whether in Portuguese, English, or any language, our multicultural team is ready to give voice to your ideas authentically and engagingly.

The Art of Immersive Audio:

At the heart of Binaulab is the ability to transform scripts and concepts into three-dimensional sound experiences. From the delicate movements of a radio spot to the expansive narratives of audiobooks, each production is a masterpiece in immersive audio. Our commitment goes beyond technique; it's the art of creating emotional connections through sound.

Strategic Collaborations:

At Binaulab, we understand the importance of strategic collaboration. We work closely with advertising agencies and companies, turning visions into sonic reality. Collaborative meetings are the backbone of our process, where we share not only what we do but also what we can achieve together.

Global Reach, Local Recognition:

With projects echoing in countries like China, Germany, the United States, France, Mexico, and Argentina, Binaulab transcends borders. Pablo Coitino, the audio engineer behind the innovation, not only leads this journey but also contributes to the spread of knowledge in national and international lectures.

Commitment to Education:

In addition to our achievements, we pride ourselves on contributing to education and innovation. The launch of the 90-minute audiobook in English and Portuguese, in binaural audio, is a testament to this commitment. Collaborations with prominent names in education and design reinforce our role in creating innovative and educational content.

Registered Innovation:

At Binaulab, innovation is our trademark. We have pending patents that attest to our unique and exclusive approach to the automatic conversion of stereo music to 3D audio. This technology, developed in-house, is more than a technical achievement; it's a commitment to the constant reinvention of immersive audio.

By choosing Binaulab Audio 3D, you not only acquire cutting-edge technical services but become part of a sonic journey that transcends expectations. Feel the difference, hear the future. Binaulab Audio 3D - Elevating Sound to the Art of Experience.

Who is Binaulab?

Pablo Coitino

      Pablo Coitino is a multifaceted and innovative professional in the field of audio and music. With a technical background in music, he transitioned from electronics courses to excel in the Higher Education Technology Course in Music - Production, Languages, and Multimedia, as well as specialized courses in Mastering at the SAE Institute.
       His career includes directing a jingle production company, where he produced thousands of pieces for radios nationwide, and collaborations with renowned artists in the national music scene.
       Pablo's journey took an innovative turn in 2013 when he began studying immersive audio, covering everything from surround sound to building a binaural microphone. His YouTube channel, bearing the same name as the company, started as a binaural audio lab in 2014 and has now amassed over 40 million views.
      It has become a platform to share experiments and achievements, including the iconic binaural mix of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," released in 2016 before the popularity of current immersive audio technologies.
      In addition to pioneering work in binaural mixing and immersive marketing, Pablo expanded his international reach with Binaulab, producing content for countries such as China, Germany, the United States, France, Mexico, and Argentina. His contributions have been recognized in lectures, including his role as a speaker at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention in 2018, with the presentation "Ambisonics Without Mystery."
      Pablo also demonstrates his commitment to education and innovative content development. He released a 90-minute audiobook in English and Portuguese in binaural audio through the Ubook platform and YouTube. This production involved significant partnerships, including Dr. Marta de Campos Quadros in the education field, Matheus Fernandes in design, and a diverse team of voice actors, reviewers, and collaborators.            With pending patent registrations and a proven history of innovation, Pablo Coitino continues to push boundaries in the world of audio, making significant contributions to the field of immersive audio and gaining international recognition.

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